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CtrlX HMI Kiosk Setting Webstation app issue

CtrlX HMI Kiosk Setting Webstation app issue

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Hi Community,

I am using WR2107 CtrlX HMI,

Using the kiosk setting to set auto launch and lock codesys webvisu webpage when startup.

When i turn on the CtrlX and CtrlX HMI the Webstation app could not refresh the web page. It required Kiosk password to refresh the webpage. 



 Is it possible for the user refresh the webpage to display codesys webvisu without the Kiosk setting password?

Warmest regards,




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I've got the same issue and no solution instead of switching off/on, any other thoughts?

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I have this quesiton too. The codesys WebVisu takes to long to boot. Hopefully there is a script that can delay this? 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator
I see the problem too when i start up WR21xx and ctrlX at the same time. In my application i just want to have access to the webpage of the ctrlx. I have the same problem as described with Codesys webvisu. The problem is, that the ctrlx takes to much time to startup. So the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the problem is to delay the start of the WR21. This could be done by a time relay, which switches the power for the WR21 some seconds (at minimum 10 seconds) later on. Maybe there is a software option to delay the startup of the OS, but i am not a specialist in Android 10. In Windows there is a possibility to delay the start of the OS by using the following command e.g. in the autoexec.bat: C:\>ping -n 10 maybe someone found something similar for Android. I will talk to the guys who are responsible for the kiosk app. But in my experience a solution on the app side will take some time. Peter

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The idea of a delayed start is quite good.

I don't have any experience with Android, but is it possible to write a .bat - file (or something) which starts kiosk mode as a delayed task action?

With Windows it is possible to create a task with a delay of xxx seconds/minutes


I have the same issue. At the moment we will delay the start of the HMI until the CtrlX Core is in Run mode.
Still, is there any chance it will be solved by the app in the future ?

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Is there any info on possible fix for this issue in the future? Or maybe has somebody done some kind of work around solution?

According to RM22.11 presentation "Starting Bugs" were eliminated and the possibility to get the newest releases.

Is this issue about starting time and kiosk mode not updating IP part of this bug solution?



At the moment there is no new feature fixing this problem but we are working on this with the supplier. Unfortunately I cannot tell you any date for this.

Good morning,

So which were the "eliminated starting bugs"?

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was this issue about starting in Kiosk mode fixed? is there any solution for this?


Here is a workaround.....

Workaround for delaying startup of HMI on WR panel... (

I haven't tried it yet.