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Starting the CytroPac in OP mode

Starting the CytroPac in OP mode

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Currently for my setup, the CytroPac starts out in Safe-Operational / Pre-OP mode and requires me to first put all of the slave devices in Init in ctrlX WORKS, then in OP again, before the CytroPac is ready:


Which parameter do I have to change in ctrlX IO Engineering for the CytroPac to automatically start out in OP?

I have an IAC valve in my system, as well, for which I use S-0-0032 (see picture below), but I cannot find a similar one in the CytroPac.


The valve is set up using SoE and the CytroPac with CoE - will the difference in protocols affect the booting process? Everything is working well so far, with both the CytroPac and valve running as commanded. I am able to retrieve and change parameters in both devices without problems.

Thank you very much


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Like you already know, The EFC5610 frequency converter installed in the CytroPac supports EtherCat CoE and not SoE.

The activation (EtherCat master) of our controllers is usually implemented by the customer. So I can't say much about this. In general it should work.

I need to check the possibility of performing an internal test. I let you know about any news.

Thank you very much.

Please do keep me updated 🙂

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I have the same problem with EFC5610 (DRn function).

So I made a small program (node red or PLC) to make the system init then op mode at the start up :

But I am also looking for the right way to do it directly in Cytropac or Cytrobox (because it looks that I have the same problem with cytrobox)

Hello, Franck,

Thank you very much!

I came to the same to same conclusion as you, focusing on instead changing the state of the ethercat master (even made another thread about it, which now needs to be updated: ), and I also used the CXA_EthercatMaster library to great effect 🙂

I will keep this thread "unresolved" just in case we find a solution directly on the CytroPac/Box.