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How to Delay SS1 when use Estop button in safety drive?

How to Delay SS1 when use Estop button in safety drive?

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Hello CtrlX team

I have a question,in my project I used safety drive.

when I push EStop button,I don't want Safety Drive immediately to stop,I want to know if it possible to delay SS1 to STO ?

I know siemens have this fuction,I don't know how to accomplish this function in rexroth safety drive,Please see the siemens picture.


Hello Max1,

Do you have ctrlX DRIVE with STO (T0) or SafeMotion (M5)? I am guessing STO (T0). If SafeMotion (M5) then additional information can be provided. 

For STO (T0) the e-stop input on XG31.3 can be used as a quick top before STO is applied using a delay function in the safety PLC or safety relay. Here is an example from the documentation which can be downloaded here (  for more details:





Please see the drive Parameter,I think you can get more information from drive parameter,Thanks.

Hello Max1,

Thank you for the parameter file. According to the type code you have SafeMotion M5. 

When transitioning from normal operation to a safe mode such as Emergency Stop there are two methods: NC-Controlled or Drive-Controlled. 

NC-Controlled means the motion controller will issue a stop command when a safety function is triggered and the safety technology monitors the deceleration process. For example the e-stop button was pressed. The drive will wait for the transition time to elapse then if the drive is not stopped issue an error and stop the drive based on the error reaction settings.

Drive-Controlled means the drive firmware will issue a stop command when a safety function is triggered and the safety technology monitors the deceleration process.  

I see in your parameters that drive-controlled is selected, this means the motion control must issue the stop command and the safety technology monitors the deceleration process. 

Depending on your risk assessment and application you may be able to change this to drive-controlled. I would recommend contacting your local Bosch Rexroth office for application assistance to ensure the drive is configured correctly for your application - risk assessment. 

The transition values seem extremely large but I do not know your application. Again, you should contact your local support office for application assistance. 

Section 8.5 Transition functions of the SafeMotion manual has more details about drive-controlled and NC-controlled and can be downloaded here:  ctrlXProgrammatore_0-1677159031921.png



The delay time used in the SIEMENS function is matched with the maximum transition times which ctrlXProgrammatore showed in the screen shot of the Safe Motion parameterization. The function is equivalent to SIEMENS.