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CtrlX Torque Limit P-0-0442/P-0-0443/S-0-0082 behaviour


CtrlX Torque Limit P-0-0442/P-0-0443/S-0-0082 behaviour

We have hade some warning E8260 Torque/force command value limit active. The actual torque was above the torque limit value. We have solved this issue with our CNC setpoint generator. We are using an CtrlX drive with an MAD motor. 

All our user parameters (S-0-0082/S0-0083/S-0-0092/P-0-0109) are set to 400%. We want to use maximul power wat is possible. 

Question 1:

There is a difference between the limit of S-0-0082 in Analyse mode or viewing on the drive 400% or 220%. See also table 1 for the 2 screenshots of the various situations. How can i find in Analyse mode the maximun power output. 


What we see is a limitation in P-0-0442 and P-0-0442, this value is variable when the drive is operating. How is this managed? Does it check the DC Power and/or Drive/Motor temperature to set the correct limit value? See scopes in tabel 2. 

We have multple CtrlX drives on the DC bus, is the limit always 220,2% or is it depending to the DC bus power how much torque is available. 


Torque Settings S3.png


Real mode give a limit in S-0-0082 off 220.2%

Torque Setting S3 (Analyze parameter file).png

 Analyse mode gives a limit of 400%

Tabel 1

I have scope the value for P-0-0442/P-0-0443 with actuel torque value S-0-0084. The limit value is changing to a maximum of 220.2%. Only visible in online mode on the drive. How is the torque limit controlled/Managed? 

Torque Scope.png

Enable drive (first peak) and drill a hole.

Torque Scope (2).png

Drilla  hole with drive enabled.

Tabel 2

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Betreff: CtrlX Torque Limit P-0-0442/P-0-0443/S-0-0082 behaviour

Hello Jordy, short discrition: The drive calculates the thermal motor model. If you use more then 100% torque for a longer time then the current is reduced. The 220% comes from the maximum possible torque which is possible with this motor together with this drive. Also if you adjust 400% but for example the motor has a standstill torque M(0)= 10 Nm and the maximum torque M(max)= 22Nm then the drive will show 220% maximum possible. Then if the thermal motor model (temperature model) - while motor is running - notices that the current is too high for a longer time... then it reduces the current (and therefore torque). I hope that helps !? Regards, Stefan
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Re: CtrlX Torque Limit P-0-0442/P-0-0443/S-0-0082 behaviour

To question 1: As told a thermal model is calculated all the time in the background. To see what the result is you have to look for the parameters P-0-0444 and P-0-0445.

To question 2: As told a thermal model is calculated all the time in the background. It is as well dependend if you already are in field weakening or not.