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question about update runtime  for ctrlX Driver with core

question about update runtime  for ctrlX Driver with core

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    There is a question about  update runtime  for ctrlX Driver with core in our customer, some messages for your reference:


MNR: R911403930

SN: 7260418177655

      The user ordered the driver about one year ago at least and  never let driver worked . Now they plan to update firmware and use it, then they find can not login with the password "boschrexroth" ,  and we can not know which version of the runtime by browser  .(it is strange that nobody remember ever change the password~)

        Anyway,  our question is it possible to  know which version of the runtime in the driver and is it possible update the runtime to RM21.07 or higher base this  hardware on site  ?   



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

At the moment we have a hard coupling between drive and control firmware version. So e.g. drive 0308N-NN is related to control firmware 1.12.6 ; 1.14.0 0306N-NN is related to 1.12.0 - 1.12.5. So if you read out the drive firmware e.g. via the panel you can get to know the other also. See release notes for information about the updating process.

Your device is generation one and can only work up to drive firmware 2V10 and control firmware 1.10. At the moment you should at least choose the actual released version 1.12.7 of the control firmware because this a long term service version. The version you were asking for is not longer supported. You will have to send back the device to our service for getting an update.