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ctrlX Core scheduler error

ctrlX Core scheduler error

New Contributor

On startup, this error occurs in the log.

081F0042 Error in Scheduler system

0C7B4263 Timeout when restoring the configuration

I have no idea what configuration...

What does it mean, there is no further error description and how to avoid this.

It's possible to acknowledge and (I think) it doesn't block anything.



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

On each boot the system loads it settings out of the App Data (or active configuration). And something seems to go wrong on your side.

Did you do an update of your ctrlX CORE?
Which system and app version are you using?
Is the error present in the pending diagnostics? If not it cannot be acknowledged.

Yes, I updated the ctrlX from 1.14 to 1.16 last week.

Currently these Apps and versions are running:


 Each time systems starts there is that error message in diagnostic.


 But it can be reseted

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

As there where some changes in the scheduler settings from 1.14 to 1.16 this could be a problem of converting your "old" configuration to actual. Please go to the App Data and save your configuration to an archive. Reboot afterwards and see if error is still present.

save app datasave app data

You could also send us your "old" configuration so we can have a look to it.

Saving a new archive doesn't help, error message is still alive.


Attached, there are two archive files. 26082022 before updating to 1.16 (from 1.12)


05092022, the current one with 1.16

In the version 1.14 we used placeholder callables in the default configuration of the scheduler. In the version 1.16 per default no placeholder callables are created. You only get placeholder callables if a configured app is not installed, e.g. if the motion app is uninstalled.

The mentioned error is set if a placeholder callable is in the configuration after booting. The scheduler waits until the all required callables are available and then gets an timeout. 

To avoid the error you have to delete the placholder callables in the scheduler.



New Contributor

Tried to delete placeholder.

The only one within in the ctrlXAutomation is '_placeholder_osciruntime'


 After deleting, motion app could not go into run.


After restoring old configuration, motion is running.

See diagnostic as well.

But after reboot error in schedule comes again....


Till now, this error doesn't block anything or I haven't noticed yet. But after booting having an error anywhere is not good.

I can reproduce this behaviour. Unfortunately we have a bug here that the error still occurs and the system doesn't boot correctly after deleting the placeholder callables.

As a workaround the the concerning callable can be removed in the configuration.

Therefor you have save and download the configuration.


After that you have to open the zip archive and remove the callable from the callable pool. In your example "oscilloscope".


Save the file in the archive and upload the configuration.


Sorry for the inconvenience. This bug will be resolved in the next release.

New Contributor

Thanks @sebastue 

After deleting the placeholder in ctrlX Automation scheduler and the 'osciruntime' entry in scheduler/programs.json there is no error anymore.

New Contributor

One additional note:

Not only modifying "callablePool", "programs":[{ "callables"[{...()]}]} has to be modifyed as well.

Deleting the correspondent, complete entry of:


"alias": "",
"arguments": [
"id": "1",
"index": 3000,
"name": "axisprofile",
"sync": {
"after": [],
"before": []
"watchdog": "WDG_DEFAULT"


Then, the "sequence" has to be modifyed with the right "id"


Otherwise, there will be a new error, like "motion app not in run"