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TCP or UDP communication

TCP or UDP communication

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Hello ,


We want to use TCP or UDP communication between a dedicated print board and the ctrlX Core ( in a ctrlX drive plus ) .

Does this already work ?

Do we need a special app to do this ?

Do we just have to use the TCP or UDP libraries in the PLC programm ?

Is there somewhere a description of how to do this ?


Thank you .


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Community Moderator


this just works out of the box.

The PLC App has full access to all ethernet ports, just use the function blocks in the plc.

The library is "Application/ctrlX AUTOMATION/Communication/CXA_SocketComm"

Find attached a small PLC Project for UDP and for TCP

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Community Moderator

In general the ctrlX CORE can use any TCP/IP based communication protocol. Independet if drive integrated or not. There just needs to be a communication master/client available.

PLC Based:
  • TCP, UDP, FTP, ...: CXA_SocketComm library (Rexroth)
    ctrlX PLC Engineering CXA_SocketCommctrlX PLC Engineering CXA_SocketComm
  • HTTP: APP_HTTP library (made by application department) or HTTP Client library (3S)

ctrlX Node-RED app based:
ctrlX Node-RED network palettectrlX Node-RED network palette

Own App based:

Of course you could always create an own app (snap container) runnable on the ctrlX CORE to do such communication in the programming language of your choice.

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If we want to implement UDP connection between pc and core,then do we have to build app for that?

Like mentioned above you can use e.g. the ctrlX PLC app or ctrlX Node-RED app.