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Smart function kit for handling PLC communication

Smart function kit for handling PLC communication



I wonder, what is the way to communicate SFKH with PLC was planned by developers of this product?

I try to communicate through DataLayer, but I can't even acknowledge error using smartfunctionkit/communication/cmd/clearerror command.

After I acknowledge emergency stop or STO signal, system asks for drives to be enables, if I enable drives via motion/axs/Axis_1/cmd/power command, system asks for kinematics to be enabled, if I enable it  in motion/kin/Robot/cmd/group-ena then I have no errors in HMI, but system doesn't move axis. When I execute any movement in the SFKH programm, it goes through without movement and with no error.

I use smart function kit app 2.1.1, PLC app ver 1.12.5, motion app 1.12.7.

Could someone help me? Thank you!


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I also used a PLC to communicate with the SFK. In my case I used the DL_Write_Node out of the CXA_Datalayer Library in PLC. 



I used the following code to write to the nodes of the DL:

In my case, both the execution commands as well as the clear error function worked fine,



I hope this helps.


Dear Luschuerz,

thank you for your answer!

In my case, after "clearerror" I have the following state of SFKH and it doesn't change if I clear error again:



Hi ,

could you please view the pending diagnosis and/or motion-state by the web-UI. The Axisprofile connection between motion and drive is setup correctly?

Can you try to move the Kinematik or Axis by the commisioning-dialog of the Web-UI ?

Please return with  some UI-screenhots.

Hope that helps - bye

Everything works fine if I acknowledge error with HMI button in SFKH app. Then I have errors pending, but system is operating, power of axes is on, movements are executed.

the errors are:


If I acknowledge with /clearerror DataLayer, the state of the axes is following:


I hope it's what you've asked. Thank you for support!


the clear-error command is just clearing all errors. To change the system state back in normal operation mode (drives, kinematic and motion = ready) you have to execute the setsystemstate cmd (attached in the picture):

path: smartfunctionkit/communication/cmd/setsystemstate

input as string: "OPERATION"

That should bring your system back to operation state.


Thank you very much, it works now!

Could you advice me where can I find documentation describing this commands?


Perfectly 🙂

there is a german documentation on the rexroth web page: