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Smart Kit for handling - adding more axis


Smart Kit for handling - adding more axis

Dear all, 

How can I add more axis when using the SKH app, for example for a rotary tool axis ?

Is this possible in the app or can I manualy add the extra axis in the motion app and afterwards program it in the IDE program ?

Best regards

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Re: Smart Kit for handling - adding more axis

We will check this.

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Re: Smart Kit for handling - adding more axis

I tried to do the same thing, but with a PLC programming. 

I worked with global variables out of the PLC to control an extra Axis. Find the attached video.



Re: Smart Kit for handling - adding more axis

Hi Servodude,

it is possible and easy to integrate rotating axes into "Smart Function Kit for Handling" as long as they can be controlled by binary (true/false, or high/low) I/O signals. For example, after positioning to (X,Y,Z) you can set one or more output signals to high/low or send a train of signals that codes a signal for the rotating axis, which in turn acknowledges or answers in a similar way. However, integrating a rotating axis that works synchronously with the linear axes or needs numerical input (for example for positioning the rotating axis not only to a set of predefined angles or steps but to any possible angle) is much more complex and normally can't be done without software changes.

I hope this helps,

Sergio Mauro