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How to factory reset?

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How to factory reset?

I have a ctrlX-Core running version 1.6. I'm experiencing a variety of weird issues and would like to reset my PLC. On the Indracontrol MLCs one can hold down a couple buttons and wipe the controller. How would I do the equivalent with my Core?

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Re: How to factory reset?

Currently it is not possible to do a factory reset in an easy way. The only possibiltiy is to make a new installation of the core image which can be done by our service departments. But this will delete all stored date (certifications, keys, assertions, ...)

For the future we working on a better solution to do a factory reset over a SD-card / via web interface.

In your case I would recommend first to load a new (empty) configuration. So you can configure your control from the scratch.

Maybe (if you HW can manage this) you can also update to the new version (RM 21.03) available at the collaboration room.

If this will not help you have to contact our service department.

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Re: How to factory reset?

As an update to this topic:

In the ctrlX CORE Runtime Release notes for RM21.11 (version 1.12) that can be found in the online documenation:
See "ctrlX CORE Runtime, Release Notes XCR-V-0112  -->  Important information  -->  Notes on XCR-V-0112.5"

Or on the collaboration room  is the description for image update, that you can use. Not registered for download yet? Instruction here.
There it's described in the chapter 2.3.1 for real cores, 2.4.1 for virtual cores but for them the easiest way is to simply create a new one in the new installed ctrlX WORKS.

Beware that from the release milestone RM21.11 (version 1.12) all application apps needs a license to be able to run.