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How can I upload a file, e.g. a configuration for my machine and how can I access this file

How can I upload a file, e.g. a configuration for my machine and how can I access this file

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my customer has an issue regarding the configuration of a machine. He wants to upload a configuration file (can be *.csv or *.xml) and want to access this file in different applications.

What is the preferred way, to upload such a single configuration file to the ctrlX?

If I upload the file, how can I access this file from other apps? For example, if I upload the file via FTP, I have not the necessary security rights, to access this files in an app.

I found only the way using the Configurations mechanism, to upload files to the ctrlX. But in my opinions it is not very intuitive and I have no idea, where I can find the uploaded files and how to access this via other apps.

Can you please give me an idea, how to solve this issue?


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Community Moderator

The app data (aka configurations) folder is the easiest way for uploading data and sharing them with different apps. Therefore you can use following ways:

  1. Using a WebDAV client to manipulate the data inside the app data. See this post.
  2. Upload a complete app data archive and activate it.

To get to this data from other apps you can use the following path. See e.g. this topic.





it would be nice, if I can upload the files directly in the active configurations. Now I have to use a 3rd party software, to solve this issue or otherwise i have to go the complicated way (downloading configurations, editing archive and add my config-file, uploading archive).

But for now, it works for my customer. 

Thanks for your fast help.

So you/your customer would like to upload this file via the web page of the ctrX CORE directly without using any further tool? E.g. via drag&drop or upload button to the app data?

yes correct.

if you have the correct / necessary user rights, you can upload a file in your configuration. This file is accessable via other apps and you can use these files in your applications.

This actually not included but we will take it as a feature for further versions. Thanks for bringing this up.