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CtrlX Core X2 Network Drop

CtrlX Core X2 Network Drop


Hi, I am using CtrlX Core X2 to connect IO module, when the network cable is disconnected from X2, the data transfer in PLC project is still working, why no alarm occurs in the system?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Just to make things clear, you connected some IO modules to the EtherCat slot XF50. Your communication and data exchange is working. Then you unplug the ethernet cable from XF50 and no warning/error is coming up?

Could you please tell us the version of the apps on your ctrlX CORE or send us a system report?

Yes, your description is exactly correct, so I need to know if the X2 does not perform network status diagnostics after successful communication with the slave?

My Core UI Version is V1.18.

I am attaching the system report below, thanks.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

In your diagnostic logbook export I can see many errors that PLC detects a missing link to the IO slaves.

In my ctrlX CORE X3 I can see reactions of the EtherCat master status and also on the "Home" page:

ctrlX CORE web UI EthgerCat master status disconnectedctrlX CORE web UI EthgerCat master status disconnected

Is this not happening at your side? Which error would you expect?

Seeing EtherCat diagnostic in ctrlX CORE logbook is not implemented right now.

Actually, when I unplug the network cable from  X2, I can see the ethercat information in core UI:


 no errors occur,  and the status of ACS2 in PLC Engineering DataLater_Runtime is OK, too.


later, I replug the network cable, it show in X2 Core UI like this:



So I have no way to prevent the CORE network cable from dropping.

the diagnostic log is attached as below.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

As the PLCs IO driver is connected to the data layer and the EtherCat master still provides data (all 0) even if cable is unplugged there will be no message from this side.

Also after plug in again it works like expected as you probably have the setting in the EtherCat master that slaves do not need to reach master state. so masters state is still OP and slaves are in INIT. To switch all to OP again you need to send the corresponding command (IL_ECATMasterSetBusState ) to the master again.

For getting information about and commanding the EtherCat master in/via the PLC library CXA_EthercatMaster can be used.

Thank you for your answer, that's we currently do.