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Connectivity dialog problem? Cannot disable interface, IPv6 always assigned

Connectivity dialog problem? Cannot disable interface, IPv6 always assigned

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I am working with the network settings under the Connectivity section.  I have eth0 setup as a static IPv4 address and I stayed connected to it throughout this test.  I modified the settings for eth1 and observed some strange behavior.  I attached a video to show what I see.  At the beginning of the video, there is no cable on eth1.  At the 00:20 mark in the video, I plug eth1 into a network router that is a IPv4/IPv6 DHCP server.  

One problem seems to be that the radio button for "Interface Enabled" does not "stick".  It always defaults back to enabled.  It does not seem possible to disable this radio button.  Once moving off the dialog and back, it is always enabled.

Another problem seems to be that an IPv6 address is assigned by the server even though the DHCP enabled settings for IPv4 and IPv6 are disabled. (01:17 in the video).

It seems that the only way to truly disable the port is to turn off the "Interface managed" radio button.  

Is this interface working as intended or am I missing the intent of the controls?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The enable interface button is actually an bug that we know. We will check the DHCP functionality that you mentioned. Thanks for your information.

The naming and the function of the Eth1 is reworked in the march release (RM21.03 version 1.8) so please use this release and test again.

Any news on this or can this topic be closed?

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The bug still exists in RM21.07.01.  See attached video.  In the beginning of the video, there is no cable plugged into eth1 (the XF51 port).  AT 0:30 in the video, I plug the eth1 (XF51) port into a DHCP server network switch and an IP address is assigned and the connection status is "connected", even though the port is disabled.  Should I do something else to have the bug evaluated?

Sorry for the late reply. Lost track of this topic. I will check it again.

Just tested it again with the version 1.16 of the system. No IP is given via DHCP and also the port is marked as disabled and no communication is possible:

ctrlX CORE WebUI disabled ethernet portctrlX CORE WebUI disabled ethernet port