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Booting axis profile / motion app fails with "State Machine Error" when connected to a IndraDrive Cs

Booting axis profile / motion app fails with "State Machine Error" when connected to a IndraDrive Cs

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Hi everyone,

Problem statement:

- Release SW Version for all used Apps RM 21.03

- EtherCAT Master bind to X50

- axis profile "Servo over EtherCAT" created and connections assigned to drive

- Indra Drive Cs (Firmware MPB V18)

- Try to switch motion app to the state RUN

--> Fails with message: "AxisProfile state machine error, Switch state machine to running failed"

Any ideas?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

There are several posibilities:

  • The axisprofile itself could be incorrect. So please check the mapping.
  • Please also have a look to drive if there are any pending errors.
  • The EtherCat could not be in OP.
  • The system is still in SericeMode.
  • The scheduler is stopped.
  • After boot up the axisprofile could stay in configuration but can switch to running with a another click on play
    • this is already under investigation

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During boot up the EtherCAT communication the "axis profile" do a SoE-Sync read on the drive. One of the parameters asked for is S-0-0533. This parameter is used for scaling the torque values.

It seems that drives (IndraDrive Cs Firmware MPB V18 ) have here a default value (not defined or "0") which lead to the failing boot up. 

Solution: Set the parameter S-0-0533 correctly.

Hint for debugging: Turn on trace messages in the datalayer for "comm" (payload "true,true,true") and also in the logbook.

Thanks for the hints.

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Dear Sir,

Where is axisprofile saved, in the ctrlx or PC?

The same project is downloaded in two ctrlx and the same drive is used. When booting, one ctrlx is ok. Another has axisprofile error and the red light is blink in the ctrlx.


The axis profile is part of the app data stored on the ctrx CORE.

axisprofiles in app dataaxisprofiles in app data