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A Key Value Database, also called Key Value Store, is a non-relational database with a simple structure for a reliable and high performance data storage. Each database entry consists of a key, i.e. a unique identifier and an associated value.

The Key Value Database app gives users the ability to create their own structures in the ctrlX Data Layer that can be used to store states or exchange data with other applications, like Big Data or IoT applications. Persistent storage is possible so that the data are retained even across reboots. The Key Value Database app is not suitable for archiving of time series and historical data. For this use case we offer the InfluxDB app.

Main Benefits 
  • Database with high performance, flexibility, scalability, low complexity (based on LevelDB)
  • Easy creation of custom ctrlX Data Layer nodes and data structures (support of Data Layer modelling language)
  • Persistent data storage across reboots possible, even with removable media
  • Data behind the new addresses can be updated, deleted and accessed from other apps

Use case: ctrlX CORE with Key Value Database App as an IOT gatewayUse case: ctrlX CORE with Key Value Database App as an IOT gateway

The node configuration can be done by a json script. The nodes.json specifies a set of nodes to be registered and persisted to the ctrlX Data Layer (see example below). Via this json file an easy exchange between different controls is possible.

Example: Configuration of a read-only ctrlX Data Layer nodeExample: Configuration of a read-only ctrlX Data Layer node
ctrlX CORE UI with integrated editor for creating the nodes.jsonctrlX CORE UI with integrated editor for creating the nodes.json

ctrlX AUTOMATION - Key Value Database 

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