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[InfluxDB™] is a trademark [registered / owned] by InfluxData, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse this ctrlX CORE App.

The InfluxDB app is the open source time series database, developed by InfluxData and adapted for ctrlX AUTOMATION. The database is optimized for high-availability retrieval of data, fast storage of time series data in fields such as operations monitoring, IoT data, and real-time analytics. The performance of the database reaches data ranging from hundreds of points per second. 

Why use InfluxDB?

  • Fast processing of time series data
  • Data explorer for Deep insights and analytics
  • Built-in dashboards for direct view to the data
  • Large community & ecosystem

ctrlX CORE InfluxDB App Data ExplorerctrlX CORE InfluxDB App Data Explorer
ctrlX CORE InfluxDB App MetricsctrlX CORE InfluxDB App Metrics
ctrlX CORE InfluxDB App Edit TaskctrlX CORE InfluxDB App Edit Task

The InfluxDB database management system is written in Google’s programming language Go, also known as Golang. InfluxDB2.0 is written in a new language called Flux. Flux is optimited for extract, transform as well as load processes in databases. Its syntax is based on the popular language JavaScript, so easy to learn and expandable. A key advantage of flux is that it can integrate different data sources using e.g. third-party APIs.

ctrlX CORE InfluxDB App
ctrlX CORE - InfluxDB App

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