Use digital IOs at ctrlX DRIVE

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In the following we show to you how to correctly use IOs at ctrlX DRIVE.

Versions used

All the functions and screen shots are based on:

  • ctrlX DRIVE Engineering version 01V14
  • Runtime / Firmware version of drive AXS-V-0306


  • Runtime / Firmware version of drive AXS-V-0210


A connection to the ctrlX DRIVE has been successfully established, the device is correctly wired and 24 V are successfully put on. As well the engineering tool ctrlX DRIVE Engineering has been started.

1. Standard configuration of inputs/outputs (IOs)
1.1. Single axis XG31 / Double axis XG31.1 and XG31.2

The default assignment is the same for all drive controllers, regardless of the hardware or firmware. 


Fig. 1.: IOs from Axis 1 – XG31.1

A desired function is not automatically active by simply assigning parameters to the IOs. Often the function must be adapted to the special customer request in the respective menu.

1.2. Configuration of parameters for inputs


Fig. 2.: XG31.1 – involved Parameters

P-0-0300 Digital inputs, assignment list

The parameter "P-0-0300" is an axis parameter, which exists once per drive address. "P-0-0300" is a list of parameter IDNs. With "P-0-0300" it is possible to set the parameter to which the corresponding input is assigned. Thus, the input bit at bit position 0 of the parameter "P-0-0307" is assigned to the first parameter of the list "P-0-0300". Parameter "P-0-0301" decides to which bit the assignment takes place. IDNs have to be entered in P-0-0300.

P-0-0301 Digital inputs, bit numbers

This parameter is used to configure the digital inputs/outputs of the control section. "P-0-0301" is an axis parameter and it exists once per drive address. "P-0-0301" determines to which bit of the parameter specified in "P-0-0300, Digital inputs, assignment list", assignment list the level of the input is transmitted. "P-0-0301" is a bit word; in this case, too, bit 0 correlates with the first entry in the list "P-0-0300".

P-0-0307 Digital inputs, input image sub-device

"P-0-0307" is an axis parameter and it exists once per drive address. "P-0-0307" is a bit word. Bit 0 correlates with the first element in the list "P-0-0300", etc. This parameter shows the states of the external inputs at the device. "P-0-0307" is used as a display and cannot be written.

S-0-0399 IDN-list of configurable data in signal control word

This parameter contains the IDNs of those parameters that can be entered in "S-0-0027, Configuration list for signal control word" or "S-0-1050.x.20, sercos Connection: IDN allocation of real-time bit" and "P-0-0300, Digital inputs, assignment list".

1.3. Configuration parameters for the output


Fig. 3.: XG31.1 - output parameter

P-0-0310 Digital outputs, assignment list

The parameter "P-0-0310" is an axis parameter and it exists once per drive address. "P-0-0310" is a list of parameter IDNs. With "P-0-0310", parameterizes which parameter (which bit, see P-0-0311) is transmitted to which output bit (P-0-0313). The IDN of the parameter to be output is entered in "P-0-0310".

P-0-0311 Digital outputs, bit numbers

"P-0-0311" is an axis parameter and exists in the controller once per drive address. "P-0-0311" is a list of bit words, with the input range 0...31. This corresponds to bit 0 to bit 31. The first element of this list relates to the first element of the parameter list "P-0-0310". The selected bit of the parameter selected in "P-0-0310" is transferred to "P-0-0307".

P-0-0313 Digital outputs, outputs image sub-device

"P-0-0313" is an axis parameter and it exists once per drive address. "P-0-0313" is a bit word. Bit 0 relates to the topmost parameter in "P-0-0310" and the bit selection in "P-0-0311", and shows the status of this bit. Parameter "P-0-0313" is a display parameter indicating the status of a specific bit within an axis.

S-0-0398 IDN-list of configurable data in signal status word

This parameter contains the IDNs of those parameters that can be entered (configured) in "S-0-0026, Configuration list signal status word" or

"S-0-1050.x.20, Connection: IDN allocation of real-time bits" and "P-0-0310, Digital outputs, assignment list".


See also Functional Description " Digital inputs/outputs".


1.4. Activation of the standard I/Os Configuration

S-0-0401 Probe 1 and S-0-0402 Probe 2

See Functional Description " Probe function".


Fig. 4.: Probe 1 and 2

E-Stop function

Activate the function!


Fig. 5.: E-Stop inactive


Activate and configure the function E-Stop


Fig. 6.: E-Stop active

Travel range limit switch + and switch -

Activate the function!


Fig. 7.: Travel range limit switches

2. Application examples
2.1. The control reads directly an input from the drive

A sensor connected to XG31.1 PIN 1 can be read in via a controller (e.g. EtherCAT or Profinet) as follows.


Fig. 8.: Sensor on XG31.1 / Parameter

With the current firmware AXS-V-0306 it is not possible to read the parameter P-0-0307 directly via the controller.

To read the sensor at XG31.1, a detour must be made via the parameters S-0-0362 “Data container A: List index …” and S-0-0144 “Signal status word”.

Assign the parameter S-0-0362 “Data container A: List index …” Bit 0 like shown in here.


Fig. 9.: Sensor on XG31.1 / P-0-0362

The parameter P-0-0362 bit 0 is configured to S-0-0144 “Signal status word” bit 0. 


Fig. 10.: Sensor on XG31.1 / S-0-0144

The information from the sensor at XG31.1 PIN 2 can be read via parameter S-0-0144 in cyclic data traffic.


Fig. 11.: Sensor on XG31.1 / EtherCAT: read S-0-0144

With the firmware ASX03V08 (May 2022) it is possible to configure the parameter P-0-0307 Digital inputs, input image sub-device in parameter S-0-0144 Signal-Status-Word directly.


2.2. The control directly describes an output at the drive

On XG31.1 PIN 8 an actuator can be connected, which is activated directly by an external controller (e.g. over EtherCAT or PROFINET).

Example: Commanding via signal control word S-0-0145 in cyclic communication


Fig. 12.: FKM EtherCAT / MDT

In the configuration of the signal control word S-0-0145 no assignment is necessary!


Fig. 13.: S-0-0145 Bit 15 activated

 S-0-0145  “Signal control word” must be parameterized on the IO XG31.1 output. 


Fig. 14.: XG31.1 output is ON


The controller sets Bit 15 of the “Signal control word” S-0-0145 and activates directly the output XG31.1 at ctrlX DRIVE 

Attention: XG31.x Pin 8 is a Digital input/output. If the output is activated, the input is also active. Max load at output: 500 mA


2.3. Power supply - switch on/off - XG31 inputs

See separate document in the forum:

Suitably Power ON/OFF ctrlX DRIVE

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