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Community Manager

IXON Cloud is the first and only no-code Industrial IoT platform, specially designed for the advanced machine manufacturer. Enrich your machines with a tailor-made cloud platform for optimal remote service and applicable data insights. The IXON Cloud Connector (also known as IXagent) builds up your connection to the IXON Cloud and its benefits via your ctrlX OS device - no additional hardware required.

Features you can access via IXON Cloud
  • VPN remote access: Remote connection to your machine equipment across the world.
  • Data Logging and visualisation with a user-friendly no-code online configuration.
  • Alarms & Notifications: Receive machine alerts in any situation.
  • User management: Manage users and access rights for easy and secure collaboration.
  • And much more.
  • Link to IXON Cloud Pricing (external link)
All your Machines at a GlanceAll your Machines at a Glance
Remotely control your HMIRemotely control your HMI
Visualize Live and Historic Machine Data in DashboardVisualize Live and Historic Machine Data in Dashboard
Latest update and fixes
  • A free IXON Cloud user account: portal.ixon.cloud.
  • A VPN client installation for the computer/device where you create the connection to the ctrlX OS device. Available for Windows, macOS and Linux. This is offered by IXON.

+31 85 744 1105
support@ixon.cloud 1)

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IXON Cloud connects machine manufacturers with their machines. Over 2.500 machine builders in more than 100 countries rely on IXON Cloud to provide remote service and collect key insights. We deliver the technology, so our users can do what they do best: improving machine performance.

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