Securely connect ctrlX CORE to the IXON Cloud


This guide is not intended to be a substitution of the official documentation which is provided by the partner and can be found here: IXON Website 

  • ctrlX CORE or ctrlX COREvirtual
  • IXON App (0.1.19 has been used)
  • An IXON Account😃

Note: once the connection is done it is possible to go deeply in the topic Here.

Install the app and insert your "Company ID"

Note: Please use a clean internet connection (no proxy no VMs) for both ctrlX CORE and your PC during the first commissioning of any device.

Once installed and licensed the app will appear on the left part of our sidebar, we have to click on "Register IXON Cloud Connector": 

IXON SidebarIXON Sidebar


We have to insert our company ID that we can find online on our account on the top-right of the page:

Insert Company IDInsert Company ID

My CompanyIDMy CompanyID

After we click on "register" and the connection has been established the device will be available in our "Fleet Manager" ready to be activated.

Device ActivatedDevice Activated

IXON gives the possibility to activate the device from a template, in this case it is the first time for me and I have no templates to use. 

Fleet Manager - Add new devicesFleet Manager - Add new devices

 It is now possible to use IXON with our ctrlX CORE. 

Delete the configuration

It is possible to delete the configuration inside the "AppData", in case we have wrongly registered the device.

Delete IXON configurationDelete IXON configuration

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