Connect a maxon IDX70 drive with a ctrlX OS device

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This how-to describes how to connect an IDX70 drive from maxon with ctrlX CORE as a step-by-step guide.
It adresses customers using maxon drives as well as ctrlX OS devices, such as controls in their machines or installations.

  • maxon IDX70L EMT P ET 48V
  • ctrlX CORE X3 with ctrlX OS version 1.20 (or higher) pre-installed
Software installed on ctrlX CORE X3
Software installed on engineering PC

For operation of ctrlX PLC, ctrlX EtherCAT Master and ctrlX Motion app an adequate software license is required!

Export of the ESI file for EtherCAT
  1. Start EPOS Studio
  2. Connect IDX Drive via USB with the EPOS Studio
  3. Set up Your IDX via the Startup Wizard in EPOS Studio
    Startup WizardStartup Wizard

  4. Note down the resolution of your IDX drive during the configuration.

    Resolution of IDXResolution of IDX

  5. Tune the IDX Motor via the Autotune Function.

    IDX Controller auto tuningIDX Controller auto tuning

  6. Open the "Object Dictionary" tool.
  7. Right-click on any line in the "Object Dictionary".
  8. Select "Export ESI File".

    Export ESI File from object DictionaryExport ESI File from object Dictionary
Setup ctrlX I/O Engineering

Open the web-based engineering of the ctrlX CORE either via your network folder of Microsoft Windows, from ctrlX WORKS or directly by entering the IP in a web browser and login.

  1. Open The “Home” tab and select “Configure EtherCAT”.
  2. Add a new EtherCAT Master configuration.
  3. Select the correct port for the EtherCAT Master at XF 50.

    Select the port for the EtherCAT MasterSelect the port for the EtherCAT Master

  4. The EtherCAT Master will then be created. Next Step is to open the ctrlX I/O Engineering.

    Open ctrlX I/O EngineeringOpen ctrlX I/O Engineering

  5. Via the Device Repository, the ESI file needed will be added to the system.

    Device RepositoryDevice Repository

  6. After clicking the Install Button, the ESI file created earlier must be selected. 
    If you do not have a specific ESI file created as described above, all standard ESI files will be installed with the EPOS Studio. The standard path for this example is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\maxon motor ag\EPOS IDX\IDX\03 Configuration

    Install all maxon ESI files with the EPOS StudioInstall all maxon ESI files with the EPOS Studio

  7. Now the maxon devices can be detected. With the selection of Scan for Devices, all known devices in the network will be shown.

    Select Scan for DevicesSelect Scan for Devices

  8. Click on the “insert all newly scanned devices”-button in order to copy all EtherCAT devices from the control to the project.

    Copy all EtherCAT devices from the control to the projectCopy all EtherCAT devices from the control to the project

  9. Click apply and OK to create the device in the I/O-Project.

    Create the device in the I/O-ProjectCreate the device in the I/O-Project

  10. Once the configuration is completed, click on the “download the fieldbus configuration” button.

    Download fieldbus configurationDownload fieldbus configuration

  11. After the fieldbus configuration is downloaded successfully to the ctrlX CORE, the EtherCAT status will be switched to “OP”. To validate this, you can click on the “EtherCAT” bar to see the current state of the EtherCAT Master and all connected slaves. The fieldbus configuration can now also be seen in the ctrlX CORE Datalayer.

    EtherCAT StatusEtherCAT Status


Setup a ctrlX Motion
  1. Add Axis Profile
    Add axis profileAdd axis profile

  2. Enter a name, select device via dropdown and select CANopen over Ethercat

    Add axis profileAdd axis profile

  3. Since the necessary Variables are not mapped yet, they have to be mapped manually

    Map VariablesMap Variables
  4.  Map the variables
    Mappig of actual Position VariableMappig of actual Position Variable

    Mapping of Statusword, Controlword and Target PositionMapping of Statusword, Controlword and Target Position

  5.  Go to Setting and selct Data layer

    Data LayerData Layer

  6. Go to axisprofile/profiles/IDX70L/scaling-information and change the Values to the ones below. For Resolution, enter the value you noted down early or look it up in your datasheet. 

    Edit scalingEdit scaling

  7.  Add Motion axis and connect axis to the profile.

  8.  Switch Motion into running Mode

    Activate running modeActivate running mode

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The Company 

maxon is a developer and manufacturer of brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as gearheads, encoders, controllers, and entire mechatronic systems. maxon drives are used wherever the requirements are particularly high: in NASA’s Mars rovers, in surgical power tools, in humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications, for example.


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