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The Smart Function Kit Handling app and the Smart Function Kit Dispensing app have a modern, intuitive dashboard.

Fast Commissioning and Plug & Produce
  • The Commissioning Wizard guides you step by step through the commissioning process.
  • Automatic reading of motor encoder memory data.
  • Automatic parameterization of all individual axes.
  • Guided referencing.
Zero Programming
  • Intuitive, graphical programming without programming skills.
  • Logical sequence of program blocks via drag & drop.
  • Extensive module library.

Smart Function Kit for Handling Module LibrarySmart Function Kit for Handling Module Library
Smart Function Kit for Handling DashboardSmart Function Kit for Handling Dashboard
Smart Function Kit for Handling Initial Setup System ArchitectureSmart Function Kit for Handling Initial Setup System Architecture
Latest update and fixes for version 2.6.0
  • The system can now set the exact reference of the dispensing needle by using the new product feature "needle measurement" (laser referencing).
  • Setting the axis references and position limits is possible outside the commissioning process.
  • Starting and stopping a program has been optimized and works noticeably faster.
  • The system supports the usage of a dosing system via digital IO's.
  • The system functions of the IOs can be adapted individually.
  • The system supports the usage of a scale type via serial interface.
  • The cleaning of the dispense head can now be executed automatically by time or produced parts.
  • Standardization of the names on the datalayer interface – by accessing the datalayer directly via REST or OPC UA the paths must be adjusted.
  • Support of the safe motion drives with the basic functionalities “Emergency stop” and “Safe standstill with torque off”.
Latest update and fixes for version 1.2.9
  • Improved functionality in Teaching Mode.
  • New Teachpoint Feature for easy Pick & Place applications.
  • Support of drive integraded I/Os.

ctrlX AUTOMATION Smart Function Kit for Handling

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