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Web client connects to WebIQ server.

Web client connects to WebIQ server.

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Hello All,

Sorry if my question is so basic.

As of now, What I tried to publish my WebIQ project into ctrlX core was just in localhost. So, may I know how can I publish into internet as server. So that any webclient from anywhere in the world can access to the server and get the visualization? Of course, ctrlX core has been connected to the internet already.

Thank you!




If you can access your HMI via http://localhost:10123/my-app then the only thing required would be to do this:
- replace "localhost" by the *external IP* of your ctrlX
- route all requests through a firewall etc. to that IP on port 10123
- using HTTPS is highly recommended as otherwise the credentials for logging in could be read potentially as they'd be transferred unencrypted

Just to make this clear: all of these topics are related to networking and have nothing to do with WebIQ in general. These steps are exactly the same as if you'd host your own website on that server or anything else - only the port 10123 would be different.

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Hello Webiq-sk,

My I ask one more? That we Need to "route all requests through a firewall"?

What happen if there are 2 ctrlX cores have the same IP in the network.

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I think that you may mis-understanding my question. I know that in the same network any 2 devices cannot have the same IP. In this case, what I mean that if HMI is as global server which can be accessed by any webclient in the world then just in case customer A have a ctrlX core with IP address: and customer B also have the ctrlX core with the same IP address and they both publish to internet. How could they realize which one is their HMI? Need VPN or something else?

Sorry again if this made you confuse.

This is neither a WebIQ nor a ctrlX question and cannot be fully answered here. You need to familiarize yourself with web technology and networking in general to setup a secure system or ask or hire someone with the corresponding knowledge. Just some hints here:

  1. If you want to make it available directly to the internet so anyone with the IP address or host name can access it you do not need any VPN but should definitely use HTTPS to prevent the credentials from being transferred unencrypted - this is however not recommended as it makes available internal services that should probably not be reachable by everyone on the internet even if protected by a login
  2. If you only want to make it available safely through the internet VPN is recommended and has to be setup accordingly - then it could only be accessed by users when they are connected to the VPN only - this is the recommended way
  3. is a private IP address and as such can never be reached through the internet: - the external IP of your customer would have to be routed and used accordingly

Please note that there is a wealth of information on this topic available online.

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Hello Webiq-sk,

Thank you for your support. I understood.