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Problem with variables at the server

Problem with variables at the server

Hello, I have problem with connection variables at the server. When I open preview, I see all variables and I can remote them, but when I start project at RunTime Manager, I do not see any variables and all button are grey and I can not remote them.

Thank you






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Please provide connect.log in trace level, otherwise this cannot be analyzed.

I'm not sure if this file is the one you need.

I think this one is in trace level.

Thank you, it is not in trace level, you can set this in Runtime Manager:


However, we can already see that your OPC-UA server returns the OPC-UA error BadSecurityChecksFailed, which is a server and not a client error:

[2024-05-08 05:54:08.410732] [ error | ctrlX-CORE] Connection error.
[2024-05-08 05:54:08.410732] [ error | ctrlX-CORE] service_type(): OpenSecureChannel
[2024-05-08 05:54:08.410732] [ error | ctrlX-CORE] error(): BadSecurityChecksFailed
[2024-05-08 05:54:08.410732] [ error | ctrlX-CORE] client_side_error(): no

This might happen because your OPC-UA server does not trust WebIQ's client certificate and might have to be trusted from inside the OPC-UA server, because currently the OPC-UA server refuses the connection from WebIQ.

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Please also check if your time in ctrlX has been setup correctly!

I don´t know, what to do with this. I´m trying everything but in connect.log is still this. 

I don't understand the problem with the screenshot. Can you please provide the corresponding connect.log? It's correctly in trace mode now. However, did you fix the issue with the OPC-UA server?

The only thing in the screenshot I see is that you deleted the "Systemzeit" item in WebIQ Designer.

Thank you, I have Rejected one certifikate on OPC server. So I trusted it and now it´s working.

Thanks for the feedback. Just to sum for everyone with a similar issue:

many OPC-UA servers require you to trust an OPC-UA client certificate before the OPC-UA server will accept any connection from that client. This is not a bug in WebIQ, this is a security feature in OPC-UA utilized by most OPC-UA servers.

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Community Moderator

Keep in mind that every client has it's own certificate. This means when you connect the first time from the client instead of the preview, you have to trust the new certificate. Below you find the message, which we display in our programs, when the connection fails.

Connection to the PLC interrupted
Please wait while the connection is being established.

Make sure that the ctrlX:
- OpcUa Server App is installed and license is valid
- ctrlX user exists for the OpcUa connection with correct password "OPCUA server access" and all "Data Layer scopes". (default user boschrexroth)
- Date and time are valid
- Certificate is trusted & still valid
- Correct PLC program is loaded and running
- Network is OK