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Error deleting IO handler in WebIQ Designer IO Manager after exceeding limit

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Error deleting IO handler in WebIQ Designer IO Manager after exceeding limit

Hi guys, just want to share my experience with WebIQ particularly with IO handler (OPC UA connection).

My current setup:

  • ctrlX WORKS Version: 1.16.0
  • Smart HMI - WebIQ Server for ctrlX CORE: WebIQ Server App (Runtime App) version 2.12.1
  • Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 150 Tags
  • WebIQ Designer Version v2.12.0

All WebIQ Server licenses include 2 web clients (web browser connections) and 2 IO handlers (OPC UA connections).

This is already described in the ctrlX Store Smart HMI - WebIQ Server.

If you are just discovering this (like me when trying to prepare for a customer demo) and you face the error in deleting the IO handler from WebIQ Designer(refer to the photos), which then prevents you to publish your HMI, there is a simple fix.

First, in the Process Data Manager, delete the Variables linked to the IO handler (OPC UA connection e.g. opc.tcp:// which was created.

After deleting the variables, only then you can delete the IO handler from the IO Manager. Once you do that, you can Publish the App to the runtime.

I wonder why we can't just delete the IO handler and just prompt us that we may lose the variables instead. Maybe for future consideration?

Just wanted to share this. Thank you!

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Re: Error deleting IO handler in WebIQ Designer IO Manager after exceeding limit

Thanks for the info. When you provide a info, you should create a question and an anwer. With only one entry in the item, you can't mark it as solved.