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Alarms don't connect with variables

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Alarms don't connect with variables

Hello community,

I have some variables in my HMI. If I connect them with e.g. a radial gauge I can see the values without problem. But If I connect the same variables with alarms or the recorder, I can't see any alarm or values in the recorder on my hmi.

Anyone has an idea for a solution?


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Re: Alarms don't connect with variables

Hello Yannic,

alarms are displayed with the widgets "AlarmList" and "AlarmInfo".

I don't understand what you mean with "I can't see any alarm or values in the recorder" as the recorder has no widget interface (only the trend which does not show alarms).

Could you please explain this in more detail?

Sascha Kimmel

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Re: Alarms don't connect with variables

Hello Sascha.

I created Variables which show the status of a device. 1:ok 2:device should be replaced 3:device is already damaged.

If it is 1, 2 or 3 decides a plc programm and changes the variables in the datalayer. 

If the variable is 1, my button color is green


If the variable is 2, my button color is orange


If the variable is 3, my button color is red


That works fine and fast.

Now I want additional alarms for that.

That means, if the value is 3 and the button gets red there should be an alarm.


So I added this alarm.

In the HMI I can only see some old alarms. I don't know how they came in. New alarms are not visible.


So thats my problem here.

The same problem in the trend display.

My temperature value is 26°C


It works fine in the radial gauge.


In my Trend display the value keeps 0.

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Re: Alarms don't connect with variables


Attached you find a demo project, with following features:

  • You can set the local variable iState (range 1-3) to simulate 1=ok 2=replace 3=damaged
  • Image changer to display colors (1=green 2=orange 3=damaged)
  • Online alarm list (displaying alarms for values 2 and 3)
  • History alarm list

Maybe your problem was, that you  do not set the option "Log Alarm History" for all alarms.

Regards Stefan