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'ctrlx-datalayer-*.deb': No such file or directory

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'ctrlx-datalayer-*.deb': No such file or directory


I have created a fresh instance for the App build environment, and I was following the setup video below step by step, but after executing the './' command, I get the below error at the end, it seems that the ctrlx-automation-sdk folder is missing?

I also could not connect to host through the Remote -SSH on Visual Studio, not sure if these two issues are related.

Any ideas would be appreciated, and sorry if these were obvious, I am still starting to play with the SDK and the App build environment.



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Re: 'ctrlx-datalayer-*.deb': No such file or directory


it looks like your App Build Environment does not have a network connection, or your App Build Environment didn't have the connection during the first boot. During the first boot many important package get installed. 

I would recommend to create a new App Build Environment and make sure that the virtual environment got a network connection. Also be sure to wait until the App Build Environment shuts down itself. 

When you create the App Build Environment have a look at this box:



  • Select 'Use HTTP and HTTPS proxy on localhost:3128' if your host is behind a proxy. In this case install and run px.exe before you start the App Build Environment.
  • If your host is not behind a proxy you have to uncheck it.



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Re: 'ctrlx-datalayer-*.deb': No such file or directory

There is a second step to this.

After making sure the first boot is connected to the internet as mentioned in nickH reply. There is also the issue that the might not be reachable at the moment. This also causes the command to fail.

Please execute the command:

curl -I"

And do the installation after there are available request slots. This solution is based on the comment made by @ham1hel in the link: