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Vs Code ssh connection without login not working

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Vs Code ssh connection without login not working

I am following the tutorial to setup the SDK development found in the link:

After the app build environment is setup and before opening VS Code it is mentioned that we need to run the ssh-keygen-copy-id.bat to allow ssh connection via VS Code without the need to login.

After inserting the password for the first time I have the error: 'The system cannot find the file specified'



After performing this operation the VS Code still asks for login. What should I do to fix this?


On a side note: Performing this step automatically solves this issue 'REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED'.


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Re: Vs Code ssh connection without login not working


like mentioned in the video. This step is not mandatory to do. I would recommend to do this, because after that you don't have to enter the "boschrexroth"-password everytime you want to connect via ssh to the App Build Environment. 

Because the script failed I can also give you a manual description on how to do these steps:

1. Go to the ".ssh" folder on your host system. The default for windows would be C:/user/youruser/.ssh.

2. Open a console (cmd) in here.

3. Type this comand int the console to generate a private/public key pair: ssh-keygen -t rsa (please don't enter a passphrase)


4. You will see that your key pair got generated. Open the public key ( with a editor and copy the value out.  



5. Connect with Visual Studio Code to your App Build Environment. Open the home folder (File -> Open folder: /home/boschrexroth).

6. Create a folder ".ssh" here and create a file inside this folder with the name "authorized_keys". Paste in the public key you just copied and save it.  



This should do it. Please see also this section in our documentation: SSH Connection/Public Key Authentication.


Best regards,