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Persistant app data appPrivateFiles not working

Persistant app data appPrivateFiles not working

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I am currently on ctrlx OS versions 2.02, and have set up package assets for persistent data. Here is my package-manefest.

  "id": "rexroth-activemover",
  "title": "ActiveMover",
  "version": "",
  "configuration": {
    "appPrivateFiles": [
    "appDirectories": [
            "name": "activemover",
            "description": "ActiveMover configuration",
            "icon": "bosch-ic-components",
            "copyOnLoad": true
            "name": "activemover-firmware",
            "description": "ActiveMover firmware",
            "icon": "bosch-ic-components",
            "copyOnLoad": true

 The activemover and activemover-firmware directories are present, and files are copied over once the snap is installed. However, on a backup, the appPrivateFiles does not seem to be applied and files in activemover-firmware are backed up/loaded on a restore, which we do not want to happen. Is there something I am missing?


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Community Moderator

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All the files that are available in the active configuration will be saved and restored when using the solution manager mechanism.

If you want to react on that mechanism to manipulate this files if customer is clicking on the ctrlX CORE web UI, you have to implement that in your app. See the official SDK documentation to see how to do so.


Hello Tim, 

Specify better, step by step the behavior you would like to achieve. I didn't get it completely


I have an application that has files stored to its app data folder(activemover-firmware), that we do not want to be backed up when a user backs up the ctrlx system configuration (i.e. when they use the web interface > settings > backup & restore). I was under the impression that using "appPrivateFiles" (

I though that appPrivateFiles would prevent files from being backed up (

The Backup-Restore mechanism is using the snapshot technology to copy the internal folder structure of the apps itself. So also internal data will be saved in that case. (See online documentation).

If you are using Setup mechanism only the apps itself and the active configuration but not the internal files structure is copied. (See online documentation)

I see thank you, I was using the backup-restore mechanism. When I use the setup mechanism appPrivateFiles works.