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Dependency problem with dotnet Datalayer Dlls

Dependency problem with dotnet Datalayer Dlls

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When i use the dotnet run command, the Project can be executed. But when i want to debug i get this Errormessage:

System.DllNotFoundException: "Unable to load DLL 'runtimes\win-x64\native\comm_datalayer.dll' or one of its dependencies:The specified module was not found. (0x8007007E)"

Thats weird, cause this DLL is in the right Folder.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator


Please keep in mind that our supported and recommended development environment is a ubuntu 20 environment (see Setup Overview). I would recommend you to use the ctrlX WORKS integrated App Build Environment (see Docs). All the dependencies you need are automatically installed here or can be installed easily with the install scripts. This feature is integrated into ctrlX WORKS since Version 1.14. 

However if you want to debug the .Net samples in VisualStudio, all libraries which are referenced by 'comm_datalayer.dll' must be present on your windows system. If any required library is not installed on windows the library 'comm_datalayer.dll' could not be loaded and an exception like you got is thrown. 

There are some tools which can determine the dependency which are not present (e.g. dumpbin). One dependency which is missing a lot is the OpenSSL library Win64 OpenSSL v1.1.1. This library can be downloaded and installed for windows from the internet. I would suggest you to install this library at your windows system and try to debug again. 

Best regards, 


Thanks for the Answer, i try it. 

Which Version did you mean? The newest Version that i can get is 1.12.9 of ctrlX Works.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The version 1.12.9 is a patch for the long term service version 1.12. This long term service version we release once a year. All other versions, for example 1.10 or 1.14 (or even 1.16), were and will be prototypes only. So, they are no longer supported as soon as a later version is released.

These versions are available on a special path in the collaboration room (ctrlX_CORE_APPS_Releases/<V.Number>). If you want to download a prototype version you got to request the access to this path. This can be done with an e-mail request (see FAQ for ctrlX WORKS).