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About ctrlX works

About ctrlX works



I Have  third party HMI panel, which is based on Linux Debian Operating system . I want to run HMI SDK  on it , for that do i need to install ctrlX works?


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Could you please explain a little more what you are trying to do exactly?

If you are trying to display a Web HMI that is being served from your ctrlX CORE (ctrlX Web UI, WebIQ, Web Visu etc.), you should not need any tool besides a web browser to view this on the third party panel.

In general, there should be no reason to install ctrlX Works on an HMI device. 

Thank you for your answer.

I have web based HMI develop in Java script . As we are not using partner tool in ctrlX core  (ctrlX Web UI, WebIQ, Web Visu etc.).Now we are trying to convert our web HMI into snap so, we can install in ctrlX core and then use it on third party HMI or Panel. So as i mention our panel is based on linux debian OS but, as you mention we do not need ctrlX works application for this . 

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Ok, I understand now. You will need to package your application as a snap package to be installed in the ctrlX OS. Here are some Node-JS samples for example.

Node-JS Samples

ctrlX Works can be used to generate an Ubuntu machine as an app build environment. See the following link on getting started with the SDK.

SDK Documentation