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Torque/force scaling

Torque/force scaling


According to the help file, the torque/force scaling is performed against a reference value calculated using the formula:
Reference value = S-0-0111*P-0-0051*cooling factor type = 27.420*1.97*1= 54.0174

For the motor I am using (MAD100D-0250) this is equal to the continuous torque at standstill i.e. 54 Nm.

While I was running the motor in 'Velocity Control' at roughly 185 RPM and a torque of 1.5 Nm (externally measured using a torque sensor), Indraworks reported an Effective torque/force command value of  roughly 170%. 

How does 1.5 Nm of torque correspond to an effective request value of 170%?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Please send the drive parameter file (in format "all parameters"). Presumably the scaling is set not correctly.

Hi @Drives_Uwe, the parameter file is attached. 

Below is the screenshot of the 'Scaling/Units Extended' tab:

Even when I switch the scaling from 'In percent' to 'Torque', the amount of torque shown does not correlate with the reading of the 'torque sensors' or the torque setpoint on the 'load machine' (data from the 'load machine' and the 'torque sensors' match).


Thanks in advance!

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

At checking your parameter settings I found one weird input:Drives_Uwe_0-1707294108120.png

Please set the acceleration limit value either to "0" or a reasonable value like 500 to 2000 rad/s^2.

If this doesn´t help, create an oscilloscope reading in the strange situation recording S-0-0040, S-0-0084, P-0-0043, P-0-0044 and P-0-0445 as signals.


I set the value as 500 and did a test run and it did not really help.

Will try setting it as 0 as see what happens. If that doesnt work, I will try to send you an oscilloscope reading of the requested parameters. Thank you for the help!


So I ran the test with the Bipolar Acceleration Limit Set to '0', but did not notice any improvements. The parameter file and the scope file is attached. The additional pdf. file shows the speed and torque measurements from the external signal. There is a single stage gear train between the drive motor and load machine with a reduction ratio of '3.3'.

Thank you for your help.