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Convert MLC to MTX?

Convert MLC to MTX?

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We have a CNC machine using Indramat M drives but an obscure motion controller. We're looking into moving to an MTX controller, mainy to minimise downtime in the event of a breakdown. And the Rexroth gear seems much more stable.

Is it true that the  MLCB, MLCS, MLCA, MTXS, MTXP, MTXA platforms all use the same hardware? Would this mean we could obtain an XM42 MLC unit and convert it to an MTX unit by exchanging the firmware?

And lastly, does an MTX system require a Rexroth PC such as the VPB40.4 and control panels/touch screens, or are these optional? As in, could an MTX test bench be set up basically only with an XM42 MTX unit, Indramat gear and a generic PC? The current controller runs on a generic PC, as does the IndraWorks software controlling the Indramat drives.

Just considering what would need to be aquired to do some evaluation testing and development before I approach our local resellers.

Thanks in advance!




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Community Moderator

Hello kaber, 

sounds good to think about to use a Rexroth solution 🙂

Generally we use with XM42 the same plattform for scalable solutions for MLC and MTX applications. But you can't mix it by choice. It is also related to the MLC or MTX system-firmware and the performance classes ff. E. g. none of the MLC controls can ever be used as MTX control. And a MTX-Standard is a MTX-Standard etc.; overview see below


Of course we recommend using a PC from our IPC series at the machines. This guarentees the best industrial standard and life experiences. Other PCs are possible, when they fulfill the requirements (and no guarentee from us).