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ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed

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ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed

I used a ctrlX drive (withcore) and set everything to default.

Installed the motion app and Ethercat app and bootup the system.

Adding a axis and move it is no problem. Added Ethercat master, then use ctrlX I/O for loading the topology.

He a problem shows up. System gets very slow and with scanning I get the following errors.

"The current news channel might not be valid or your Internet connection might be not unavailable...."


Then ctrlX I/O runs, but with connecting:


Before the trouble started I used the Tiger app. But I do not think that this has anything to do with this problem.

I tried this with a different (private) notebook. But get the same problem.

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Re: ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed

Moved to ctrlX WORKS.

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Re: ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed


Please check following points

  • boot up the ctrlX CORE
  • add ethercat master
  • save the configuration
  • open IO ENGINEERING from Web-Browser link


  • try scan again.  (hopefully now succesful :-))


If you have any problems after this, please leave us a post.


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Re: ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed

I checked everything over and over again.

Finally I found the problem in the Ip addres setting of my Ethernet Adaptor. I work on different systems. Therefore I use different ip settings. The ctrlX  was on default  I also worked on HMC with

My Ethernet Apdaptor was on when the problem occurred.

I could worked on the ctrlX withoud any problem, so the adaptor setting does not give any problem till you use ctrlX I/O for scanning the Ethercat.  Then you will find out it wont work.

Setting the adaptor back to, the the problem was gone.

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Re: ctrlX drive scanning of Ethercat failed

I've had the same problem before,but I've learned from experience that when I use Ethernet,I check the IP address first.It's become a habit!