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Mapping Assembly instances - Ethernet/Ip

Mapping Assembly instances - Ethernet/Ip

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Hello dear folks,

I am trying to stablish connection between AB plc as Ethernet/Ip-Scanner (L5555 with RSLogix5000 v16) and the CtrlX-Core as the Ethernet/Ip-Adapter.

Since this AB plc is super old, I am not able to import any EDS file into my project, and therefore I have to use Generic Ethernet Module instead, and then, map the Assembly instances of Input, Output and Configuration inside the RSLogix5000 project.

Could you inform me the addresses that are used by the CtrlX-Core? The IndraDrive uses 102, 101 and 110 (Input, Output and Configuration), but I believe it is not the same addresses.

Please, check the screenshot below. 🙂

Thanks a lot




Established Member

Hello again,

I have found the addresses on the Ethernet/Ip Module as you can see on the screenshot below.

Scanner to Adapter, 64 (hex)= 100 (dec)

Adapter to Scanner, 65 (hex)= 101 (dec)

However, after trying them out, I can see that the system is trying to get connected but something is closing it off. It connets and then, gets disconnected. 

Maybe there is something related to the PLC and ENIP tasks? Could you please take a look at the video attached down below?

I am using the eth0 port configured as for tcp/ip (eng) and ethernet/ip as well. Is there any configuration to change on the Core regarding ip addresses?

I have just done another test here using the eth1 ( only for Ethernet/Ip and keeping the eth0 only for tcp/ip (eng) and the results are the same.

You can also find the CtrlXCore PLC project attached down below as well. 🙂

Thanks a lot again!



Hello again,

Just as additional info here, I have used the following: system image RM21.11.7, with the PLC app 1.12.5 and used CtrlX-Works 1.12.9.

The Ethernet/Ip package version is 4.4.0.

I am attaching here my PLC project.

Hello dear folks,

Great news. I have successfully communicated the CtrlX-Core with the AB-plc using the Codesys Ethernet/Ip version 4.2.0.

Over the past days I could not stablish a solid connection using the package version 4.4.0. The CtrlX-Core (adapter) was constantly opening and closing the port with the AB-plc (scanner), and I could check that on the CtrlX-Core log book as well.

Is this a known bug on the Codesys package 4.4.0?

Please, take a look at the video here attached.



is it's possible to get a wireshark trace from the EIP communication with the Ethernet/Ip version and same with

The EtherNet_IP_Adapter has a TAB with log, Are there some informations? Does RSLogix report the error cause?