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Reset password, set SafeX back to default settings.

Reset password, set SafeX back to default settings.

New Contributor

I like to set the SafeX back to default. For example when I (or someone) forget the password and we cannot change anything anymore. How should I do that ?

I have SafeX With Engeneering

I go online and go to Security -> Reset Password


Nothing happens and I get "default password reset timneout"



How should I go back to default in case of a mistake?





Hi, you started right well...

Security ---> Reset Password

Then you have 10 sec time to press the reset button "SF40" on the control to acknowledge your reset on the device. Press down until you hear a "klick".

If you did that before the timeout, a entry in the massage window give you feedback that the reset is done. 

Because of the short time slot, maybe you need more than one try.

Thank you very much. Its good that it work slike that : Push the SF40 button as a second check.

This worked, but I have to look further at the timing. When do I have to push the SF40 button in this sequence exactly. I'm still finding this out. But it worked after a fwe tries.

Update after I read the message of M_Mohann.

You must push the SF40 Firmly !  With my soft fingertips it sometimes didn't notice that I pushed it. So beware of that, or take a solid part to push it.

after you have clicked on reset password, you have 10 seconds to press SF40. when you press it does not matter, but it must be within these 10 seconds.


Established Member

best results I got when I counted to five after I set the "reset Password" and pressed and just released the SF40