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Trial License - temporary exclusion of PLC Licenses resolved

Trial License - temporary exclusion of PLC Licenses resolved

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Please note this information about our Trial Licenses.

Due to supplier reasons we temporarily excluded all PLC Licenses from the 10-Day Trial License.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Your ctrlX AUTOMATION Team


New Poster

Dear JoannaX,

I have 03 Core, without PLC, and now need PLC license for demo to our customer.

I confuse that:

1. Do we have away for internal license request ? (not for sale purpose).

    Like IndraControl / IndraDrive we have free license for internal Servce engineer

2. If need to order, we will request via SAP ?

Please kindly guide me, cause I am in need for demo now.

Best Regards

Hello NgBaLoc_DCAZ_VN,

yes, for internal usage it is no problem to purchase the License. Please your our ERP System or Ibuy and select the material number.

best regards,



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The PLC licenses have been added again and can be used within the Trial license. All existing Trail licenses that have not been activated yet are updated automatically.


Hi JoannaX,

My devices 7261403828531, as first attached image:

  1. Activation ID : 9571-4b39-bf2c-491e-8376-50dd-832f-faf7
  2. Entitlement ID : 5f25-be6a-7dbb-4762-aa96-5a8e-2098-11ba 

But after I search device and click Map entitlements, it's display alarm as second picture

I search in forum already but not know how to do.

Please kindly guide me step by step.

Hi JoannaX,

Could you please guide me order license for internal use (demo to present for customer),

I wonder about the cost of license, is it have cheaper cost for internal use only (which Defining Categories on SAP).

I am sorry to bother you alot, cause our SALE Admin is changed and she is new.

Best Regards.


please contact me again via our company e-mail so I have your full name and details.