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Re: ctrlX AUTOMATION - OPC UA Client

Re: ctrlX AUTOMATION - OPC UA Client

New Poster

Hello, I'm Oki currently new working with ctrlX virtual. I would like to connect the ctrlx PLC to factory IO (PLC Simulation) via OPC method, is it possible to do it? Is there any documentation about this one? Thank you



Hi @okinawa ,

I am unfamiliar with the Factory IO PLC simulation software, but it looks like they support OPC UA as a communication driver. In this case, you would need the OPC UA server application installed on the ctrlX OS device. You will need to expose your PLC tags to the OPC UA server using a symbol configuration file or pragma. The Factory IO OPC UA client should be able to access the ctrlX OPC UA server and from there you can map your PLC tags.

Providing PLC tags to datalayer

OPC UA server setup

Hi @Sgilk, thanks for your answer.
I've configured the OPC server as the documentation. But I got anothe issue when try to connect the OPC server, it said "endpoint does not support the user identity type provided opc ua factory io". Based on my searching, this means that my PLC config in the ctrlX virtual didn't match to the Factory IO.

I found method to configure the OPC UA using CODESYS here, but there some differences in the ctrlX PLC. 
Is there any technical guidance to configure it using ctrlX PLC? Thanks alot



@okinawa ,

Are you providing an endpoint at this point? I don't see anything but the server address shown in your image. It looked to me like the tag mapping was manual, so I don't see why it would have a problem with the OPC UA server configuration.

Are you prompt to provide credentials for the OPC UA server in the Factory IO client? The server does not support anonymous users by default. The OPC UA server can be configured through the ctrlX OS Web UI.

Do you see a rejected certificate in your ctrlX OS certificate manager? This is a common reason OPC UA client connection fails. You can also try connecting with a different client.


Hello there 🙂

The Open Platform Controller method can be used to link the ctrlX PLC to Factory IO. Make sure the ctrlX controller supports OPC UA. Next, set up factory IO as an OPC UA client and your controller as an OPC UA server. The factory IO instruction manuals and the ctrlX writing contain detailed instructions.