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Execution of C3300 on a ctrlXDrive from CtrlXCore Plc

Execution of C3300 on a ctrlXDrive from CtrlXCore Plc



It looks like when we execute the command C3300 on a ctrlXdrive which is managed by the app Motion of ctrlXCore, the interpolator is not initialize on the ctrlXCore side.

So if we execute the command in order to set to 0 the feedback position while the axis is in standstil but in AF, as soon as we reset the command, the axis will try to reach the old setpoint position.

I think it is a bug of the Motion app because in my opinion the Interpolator has to be initialized to the feedback position od the drive after the command hasbeen executed.




Community Moderator
Community Moderator

As you set this drive internal command directly, the motion will not recognize it and while an motion object is powered on (state <> disabled) the interpolator position is not aligned with the drive position feedback. This will only happen when switching from disabled to standstill and in special motion function like "Travelling the axis to fixed stop" or also from version 1.20 on in "axsSetIpoPosFromActPos ".

Can you explain your use case a little bit more what are using this function for?

In my application I pull some film and correct the target position based on a latched position with probe.

After each movement, I want to Reference the axis to 0 in order to manage the next pull. I don't want to disable the axis with ModeAb but keep the Axis in AH/AF. It is the reason why I have this behaviour.



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

@Fred74: The function axsSetIpoPosFromActPos is now available with early adopter release 1.20. Please feel free to test it and give some feedback.

Best regards, Michael