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Axis Profile issue with Dual Axis IndraDrive

Axis Profile issue with Dual Axis IndraDrive


I have recently upgraded a running ctrlX installation from V1.12 to V1.20. There are two dual axis IndraDrives with firmware MPM-20V26 and the Motion App is V1.20.5

If I setup a profile for either of the axis within each drive there are no issues. If I setup a profile for the second axis then I get the following error:



Each Profile is mapped to a different axis within the device.






Long-established Member

there is a mistake in your configuration of the axisprofiles. You have 2 profiles but assigned the same device to it (A4a_Deck4_Anilox)
So your axisprofile configuration should look like

Name                Device name                              Device address
Profile 1            A4a_Deck4_Anilox                      1001
Profile 2            sencond_device                         1002

It is not allowed to assigne the same device/device address to more than one profile.

Thank you for the reply Michael_A.

Unfortunately, I only have one ctrlX Core which I have just upgraded to V1.20 but I am pretty sure that this worked, as is, prior to the upgrade.

The dual axis drive appears on the EtherCAT network as one device.


When I setup a profile and select that device, I see the cyclic data for both axis:


So for 'Profile 1' I would map to:

AT_1 Drive_Status_Word & Position_feedback_value_1

MDT_1 Master_control_word & Position_Command_value

And for 'Profile 2' I would map to the corresponding  AT_2 & MDT2 cyclic data variables

This is my recollection of how I set the system up on V1.12. 


My local Bosch Rexroth tech support has remotely access my laptop and we have come to the conclusion that the ctrlX V1.20.2 is not recognising the fact that the connected IndraDrives are dual axis drives.

The Indradrives were a short term solution whilst I waited for the ctrlX Drives to be delivered. The next phase of the project was always going to be swapping the Indradrives for the ctrlX Drives. With this in mind, I will fit the ctrlX drives and report if this has resolved the Axis Profile issue. 

Update: When I connect two dual axis drives into the EtherCAT network, each axis appears on the network as a unique device.

The two dual axis IndraDrives appear on the network as one device per drive.


So this issue only affects dual axis Indradrives. 

I will update the post when I receive feedback from my local tech support.