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ctrlX IoT with Node-RED

ctrlX IoT with Node-RED

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Hello everyone,

so I just wan't to ask when the ctrlX Node-RED snap will go live to be used by our customers for fast and easy implementation of no/low code based I4.0 flows?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The ctrlX NodeRed sap will include the standard NodeRed program without any restrictions from Rexroth side but the authentication on connecting to the front- or backend. So you are free to include all flows/pallets you'd like.

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Hello MarcusX,

I was able to install Node Red on my CtrlX core as it's freely available on  I shared my Node Red flows (in JSON form) in the CtrlX Core area of the forum.  Have a quick search.  Feel free to reach out with questions.  

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@jimiDMBthing, could you go through the procedure for installing this snap? Most of the snaps I see there require access to the core as a root user. Were you able to install without getting root access? Did you have to build the snap for the core os? 


could you explain the steps to install node red in virtual ctrlx core?

thank you.

In short:
Download the .snap (arm64=real, amd=virtual) file with a existing system then copy it and install it to the ctrlX CORE.

There was a quite similar discussion already in this topic.


Do you know how to download in snap format a version of an application from the two different arm64 architectures or one from amd?
snap download <packagename> arm64 or amd
how would it be?

thank you