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Node Red node for OPC DA - CtrlX

Node Red node for OPC DA - CtrlX

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We currently have a customer who is interested in data collection from our legacy MTC200 and MTX CNC controllers. These systems use OPC DA for Data collection. This request is currently accomplished using PR31/PR21 and IoT gateway software. Given that the IoT gateway software will soon be phased out, I would like to know if there is a possibility of using CtrlX core to get data from legacy MTX controllers (using MTX Version 12 or lower). Below is a test I have done using a PR21 and was wondering if the same can be accomplished on CtrlX core:

Node Red was successfully installed on PR21. In Node-Red, there is an OPC-DA node that allows us to get data from an older MTX system (< MTX V12) (link to the node: .

I ran a simple PLC program on my MTX system (an output turning ON/OFF every few milliseconds). The OPC server details from the MTX were configured in the OPC DA node in Node Red (see pic OPC-DA-1.jpg). The corresponding PLC variable is configured in OPC DA as shown in pic (OPC-DA-2.jpg).  The flow was setup in Node Red as shown in pic OPC-DA-3.jpg. As can be seen in pic OPC-DA-output.jpg, I  was able to successfully get the variables from MTX into Node-Red using the configured OPC-DA node. 

Since PR21 and CtrlX core run on linux platform, it is my assumption that a similar approach can be followed on the CtrlX as well in order to get data from an older MTX system. Is something like this possible on the CtrlX platform as well?


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Community Moderator

In the ctrlX CORE - Node-RED App all palettes available can be installed. Please beware that your ctrlx CORE needs an internet connection to do so.  See this thread for some information with virtual controls.

opc-da in Node-RED paletteopc-da in Node-RED palette