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LDAP for HMI Authentication

LDAP for HMI Authentication

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My customer needs a way to authenticate HMI users using LDAP to a Windows Active Domain Controller. 

The user would go to the HMI login page, put in their windows user name and password, then they can get access to the HMI to control the machine. 

I asked WebIQ if they could do this but they said no. 

I had a look at Codesys WebVisu but could not really see anything there. 

I am wondering if our Node-Red implementation has an LDAP client function? ( node-red-node-ldap (node) - Node-RED ( )

If yes, then maybe we can implement a custom login system using WebIQ.  

Or is there a linux function (built in or added on) that could be used to do this with small amount of code?


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the ctrlX CORE has LDAP support built in and to my knowledge the CodeSys WebVisu does use the ctrlX CORE user database.

Therefore, you just have to enable LDAP on the ctrlX CORE to be able to use it. You will still be able to login via local users by selecting "Force local authentication" on the login page.



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Community Moderator

I know, that WinStudio on a VR21 panel supports LDAP (starting with 14V22P6). As I understand, there is a way to connect a WinStudio project with the OPC-UA server of the ctrlX CORE. Maybe this could be an option as well.

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Thanks @mlaml 

Just checking what you said. Do you mean that the CtrlX core user database can be stored on a remote LDAP Server?

If that is correct then it sounds promising.

ctrlX CORE can be connected to a foreign LDAP server:

User management LDAP settingUser management LDAP setting