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Data persistence InfluxDB

Data persistence InfluxDB

Hi, I'm testing writting and reading data from Node-RED to an InfluxDB database located on the same Core. I would like to know if the InfluxDB app, has data persistence or if there is a way to configure it, because every time the Core shuts down, the data is erased. The Core version is cx_m4p_a, and the InfluxDB and Node-RED are V1.18. Thank you very much.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator


by default data in the InfluxDB is always persistant and gets stored for an infinite time. Data will only get deleted after a certain time, if you define a retention policy for this data. But I don't think you did that. 

I think when you look into the database after you reboot your ctrlX CORE, you are just looking at the wrong time with your database query.

When working with InfluxDB, its very important to know, that InfluxDB is a time series database. time series database is built specifically for handling metrics and events or measurements that are time-stamped. So it's very important that the time is set correct on your ctrlX CORE. In addition: If you do a database query to see the "old" data, please look at the time settings of the query you sent to InfluxDB (see the screenshot). This time range of your query has to match with the timestamp of the data you stored in the InfluxDB.

query the data of the last two daysquery the data of the last two days