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XB-EC-12 Coupler not incrementing WKC

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XB-EC-12 Coupler not incrementing WKC

Good day

I am testing out the new ctrlX I/O with the following configuration: XB-EC-12 Coupler -> XI110116 DI16 -> XI211116 DO16.

I am using my company's in-house developed EtherCAT master. I have tested this master with Yaskawa and Lenze servo drives and a Beckhoff coupler & IO modules, so it is a stable system.

We calculate the expected working counter using the formula from the SOEM tutorial: D_TTSA_1-1647263889002.png

This calculation multiplies the expected wkc outputs by 2 and adds this to the expected wkc inputs. It aligns with the EtherCAT protocol.

However, the received wkc does not match the expected wkc in the aforementioned ctrlX setup. This was not a problem with the other EtherCAT slave hardware. The returned wkc is 3, but it is expected to be 5. By removing one module at a time, I could see that the ctrlX coupler does not increment the wkc at all, the DI16 increments it by 1 and the DO16 increments it by 2. 

Consequently, the problem must be linked to the coupler. I believe that the coupler is showing that it has an output, but not incrementing the wkc. I don't think this is standard. So is the problem that the Bosch coupler doesn't conform to the EtherCAT standard, or that I have a faulty coupler?

I would appreciate any help or advice.

Kind regards




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Re: XB-EC-12 Coupler not incrementing WKC

Hello D_TTSA,

i send you a PN.

Best regards