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ctrlX HMI available and ready to use ?


ctrlX HMI available and ready to use ?

We are involved in an Application where we want to use ctrlX HMI.

In the last post I read ctrlX HMI should be available next release (That would be 20.11).

But There not much information to find what we actually can offer or use.  ctrlX HMI suggest (for me) that its a solid solution. What I find is not too much information. Therefore I am curious where or when we get more details.

Right now we can offer the webserver on the ctrlX core. So you have to build your own webpage in HTML5 which use JAVA scripts to get or send information regarding your application. You can build this however you want, for example with GO. But is that what the ctrlX HMI is ...?

We also mentioned the WebIQ (App) solution, which seems to be also a popper solution. But first of all I like to know if the ctrlX HMI itself is a stable possability. Where can I find that ?


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Re: ctrlX HMI available and ready to use ?

Our solution with Smart HMI - WebIQ Designer and Smart HMI - WebIQ server is at prototype state an can be found in the collaboration room for internal tests. Customers have to get in contact with their sales guys to get access.

EDIT: Please ask questions in the corresponing sub forum Smart HMI - WebIQ Designer and Server.


Re: ctrlX HMI available and ready to use ?

... one more thing. For a brief description of the ctrlX HMI solution you can also look at the sales pitch slides. You can download them from the ctrlX HMI Wiki.