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Machine visualization

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Machine visualization

Hi! How can I make a HMI machine visualization with ctrlX?


Re: Machine visualization

Starting with the next ctrlX CORE release there will be an onboard Web-HMI solution available for ctrlx CORE.

This solution consists of a runtime app on the ctrlX CORE including a HMI web server plus an engineering tool for installation under Win10. To support selected target applications custom controls will be available for this HMI solution to allow fast and efficient HMI engineering.

Due to the Web-HMI concept devices to display the HMI screens just need a web browser. Therefore HMI hardware can be scaled from simple consumer mobile devices up to PC based HMIs.

According to our strategy to offer an open system solution, data access is also possible via the ctrlX CORE OPC UA Server App. This allows utilization of a large number of HMI software packages


Re: Machine visualization

Is it possible to integrate apps like the ones you know from other control manufacturers into this HMI?

Can I write my own apps?

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Re: Machine visualization

Since the ctrlX HMI solution will be web based, you can combine 3rd party components or your own components basically in two ways:

  • Option 1: You can provide any web components which are developed with web technologies, like HTML and JavaScript. These components can be incluced as custom widgets
  • Option 2: You can use the standard web iframe concept to provide an url within a browser control, and navigate to whatever web page you provide. However, this approach has some limits due to the same-origin policy (which is an is an important standard security concept for web applications)

If you have a specific requirement for 3rd party integration (maybe specific tool vendor or technology), we can check and provide suitable recommendations, if and how an integration might look like.