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Problems communicating with VR2109

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Problems communicating with VR2109


I have made a WinStudio screen in IndraWorks Engineering 15V12 that I want to have running on my VR2109. I am able to connect to it and upload the screen, but the VR2109 does not update any values.

I think the problem stems from my OPC UA certificate. I am able to generate one just fine using my computer’s Machine name and use the virtual WinStudio screen in IW15V12, but when I attempt to use the VR2109’s Machine name (“2750” in this case), I run into some problems.

Below is shown the various options for when I setup the certificate, the trusted certificate in ctrlX WORKS, and the error message I get, when testing the connection with it afterwards.

Any ideas on, what I do wrong?

For the VR2109’s Machine name, I have used its Device name, which I could see in its options menu after booting the VR2109. I have also tried changing it with an Admin.ini file on my USB key, but that did not work, either.

Thank you.

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Re: Problems communicating with VR2109

Did you already check this topic for further information? There was a discussion of how to use WinStudio and ctrlX CORE.

EDIT: And of course don't forget to accept the certificates on both sides.

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Betreff: Problems communicating with VR2109

The standard device name of a VR21 is "Compact". You can see it in the cockpit tool in the folder network settings. So in my opinion you just have to create a second certificate with this device name to the OPC_UA communication running with your Notebook and the VR21


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Betreff: Problems communicating with VR2109

I am also unable to get a Winstudio app on VR21 to communicate with the ctrlX OPC UA server, even though I can do it when running the winstudio app on my laptop. I have checked every thread on this forum concerning this matter and the pdf by Peter_B without any luck. Is it actually confimed that this is possible, and can someone provide even more detailed descriptions of how this is done?

Winstudio version: standalone from IW 15V16 installation folder

ctrlX OPC UA server: 1.16.0