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JOG button handling event on PR4 with custom HMI

JOG button handling event on PR4 with custom HMI



Our customer is developing HMI application in C++ for communication with our MTX system via OPC UA.

We faced problem with handling of behavior of JOG buttons. Problem occure only when we operate with touch screen.

When we operate with mouse, everythig works correctly.
When we operate with touch screen, jog buttons react with a delay. This delay is similar to delay which is visible when you want to use "right click" with touch screen. We try different events which are avaiable on programming enviroment which is used. Without success.

Is there someone who faced similar problem and solved it ?



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

One common thing: In Windows touch events are differnt events than mouse events. Therefore you can have different reactions. When disabling multi touch, then the touch events often fires mouse events. 

But what is the effect of the delay? You just write that there is a delay. Takes it longer to stop the jogging, when the button is released?


Thank you very much for your answer.

The effect of the delay is visible for operator.

There is a delay between touching of the button on the display and the reaction of the axis. When we release touch reaction is immidiate.  It is only if we are using touch, there is no problem with mouse.

We will test your advice and I will give you a fedback.