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TTL Encoder option on CtrlX-Drives VRS-03

TTL Encoder option on CtrlX-Drives VRS-03

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Hello dear community members,

Based on the information that I got from the CtrlX-Drive VRS-03 Functions Manual edition 3 (R911410073), the firmware does not support square-wave signals (TTL) as analog encoders.

According to the screenshot below, only Resolvers are supported as analog encoders.

Are there any plans to support TTL encoders in the near future?

Any info is very much appreciated. 🙂




Good information.

But in upcoming future TTL encoder interface is required.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

At the very moment the planning is to support no TTL encoders. Please address to your sales contact if you need such an encoder.

Hi Uwe,

Thanks again for your kind reply.

We have a customer based here in Canada that constantly uses a TTL as the line encoder (Encoder Axis) of its rollforming machine.

Not having support on TTL encoders would mean not being able to sell CtrlX-Drive as the Flying Shear for this specific customer. They would only use this product for simple pick and place applications.

Is it possible to have a specific CtrlX-Drive Firmware (maybe extra cost?) for such customers?

Thanks again!

Please address to your relevant sales contact who will get in contact with product management in Bosch Rexroth headquarter to consider adding such a functionality.

Is the TTL encoder firmware still not available? 


The TTL option is planned to be available in the firmware, provided the today "EC" hardware option is present, by end of 2023.

For more details get in contact with your relevant sales contact who will get in touch with product management in Bosch Rexroth headquarter to clarify things like quotation, ordering and shipment.

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TTL Support is still planned for the end 2023 ? for which firmware version ? 

if the the customer has already the ctrlx Drive with EC option, only a firmware update could allow him to get TTL support ?