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C0100 - Check for transition to Safe-Operational - Profinet Problem

C0100 - Check for transition to Safe-Operational - Profinet Problem

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Hello everybody,

Our customer has got a problem with controlling the ctrlX Drive XCS via Profinet. The connection is established, everything is green in TIA Portal, everything looks good there and in IW DS15:


He has got the FWA-XD1-AXS-V-0308N-NN.02 firmware now. 

There is some problem with communication - the values from the TIA are not coming to the ctrlX Drive and vice-versa.

We have done few things:

- reseting parameters,

- going to Sercos > reseting params > going to Profinet > reseting params

- trying Sercos Profile > Analog > Sercos Profile in Application Profile.

There is an error like this: C0100 - Check for transition to Safe-Operational and it is still present, it can't be cleared.

The invalid parameters looks like this. We were clicking "Set data status valid".


The customer said that before updating the firmware the exchange of values was working. Before 0308N-NN.02 he has got the 0308N-NN.00 or 0308N-NN.01 firmware.

Has got anyone an idea what could be wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help. The parameters are attached.


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To check this problem in details, please attach a parameter file with "All parameters"!



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The customer changed back the firmware to FWA-XD1-AXS-V-0308N-NN.00 version and now everything is working properly, so the problem is solved for now.

I have got the test-stand with Siemens and ctrlX Drive and when I will have some time I will test the newer firmwares by myself and I will let you know if the problem is still present or not.

Or maybe can you confirm that the FWA-XD1-AXS-V-0312N-NN.00 firmware version should work with Profinet without any problems?